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Whipped Body/Hair Butter
Whipped Body/Hair Butter
Majestic Stylezz LLC

Whipped Body/Hair Butter

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4 oz

Body / Hair nutrient Butter...
Cupuacu Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Oils, Essential Oils and more!

Safe for everyone!!

DISCLAIMER: Products contain herbs and essential oils, if you are allergic to these types of items please don't use the products, not liable or responsible for illness or allergic reaction. Please read the instruction and always do the 24-hour skin test as stated.

*Not recommend for use on your face

* Our Rose oil is recommended for face & body

The cupuacu butter has very rich nutritional properties that are very active for skin and hair care. Here are some well-known benefits of Cupuacu butter for your skin and hair:

Fuller and softer hair: applying hair products that contain a high content of cupuacu butter will help your hair to become softer. It penetrates the hair shaft to smoothen and lay down the hair shaft. As such, it is a great natural straighter for the hair. If you are battling hair dryness and hair brittleness, you can rely on this butter for its powerful hydrating capabilities. Cupuacu butter is known to work wonders particularly on ethnic hair and can restore its natural smoothness and soft texture.

Hydrated and moisturized skin: people who are suffering from dry skin issues often use this butter to keep their skin moisturised and hydrated, seeing that the butter has a high level hydration capacity. You can also use the butter as a cream supplement to maintain your skin’s tenderness and moisture.

Hair Growth: regular massage of the cupuacu butter into the hair scalp as a form of hair mask works effectively to boost hair growth, especially for people who have slow hair growth. The rich nutrients contained in cupuacu butter feeds the hair follicles and allows it to grow more healthy hair at a faster rate.

Younger looking skin: with frequent use, and over time, cupuacu butter has proven to be an amazing anti-aging skin care product. The high anti-oxidant nutrients of the butter work to eliminate wrinkles that appear on the skin, thereby renewing and rejuvenating skin and keeping it younger looking.

Mango Butter

Soothe Conditions Like Eczema and Psoriasis


Reduces Fine Lines

Battle Acne

Calm Itching Bug Bites

 Reduce the Appearance of Scars